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Four Skills Training Institute is one of the best language institutes in the Northern Emirates and it is a unique centre for its quality EmSAT training.

Our English EmSAT Training includes, exam tips, computer based mock exams, daily practice of our specially designed question bank, and writing feedback from our experienced and qualified teachers. We provide both online and offline classes. Students who wish to join from any part of the UAE are most welcome to join our EmSAT classes.

For students who want to complete EmSAT Training quickly, we arrange an intensive EMSAT course which can be completed in three to four weeks. Our placement test for candidates to check their present level helps the trainers to frame a pathway program before the training.



  • Practice and Feed Back for Close Reading
  • Practice and Feedback for Extended Reading


Grammar, Articles and Determiners, Quantifiers, Intensifiers, Pronouns, Idioms, Prepositions, Verb forms, Questions, Modals, Conditionals, Gerunds, Conjunction, Phrasal Verbs, Comparatives and Superlatives, Word Order, Parts of Speech and Discourse Makers


  • Four Skills Learner’s Vocabulary
  • EmSAT Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Online Vocabulary Practice Tests


  • Identify and Understand the Essay Questions
  • Pre Writing Practice
  • Writing Topic Sentence
  • Writing Supporting Sentences
  • Writing Conclusion
  • Usage of Linking Words and Conjunctions
  • Writing Essays on Opinion and Personal Viewpoints

Exam Modules



In the Grammar sections in the test, test-takers are assessed on their ability to select the correct word or words to complete a sentence. Grammar content is primarily based on the English Grammar Profile Project (www.englishprofile.org). Questions can be multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, or re-ordering words to form a sentence.


The Vocabulary sections consist of short multiple-choice vocabulary questions which assess the extent to which students know the high‐frequency words needed to function effectively in an English‐medium environment. Vocabulary content is primarily based on the English Vocabulary Project. The list has been screened to ensure that the words are culturally appropriate and useful in an academic context. Questions can be multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, or re-ordering words to form a sentence.

Cloze Reading Passages

In Cloze reading passage sections, test-takers see blanks in short (200-word) readings where level‐appropriate words have been removed. The removed words are presented above the text and test takers drag the words to fill the blanks.

Extended Reading

This Reading section includes three reading texts, including descriptive, narrative, or expository texts, ranging from 275 words to 550 words. Reading skills tested include: identifying the main idea, simple factual details, finding the meaning of an unfamiliar word, inference (understanding what is implied), and sequencing (understanding the order of events). Questions on reading passages are multiple-choice.


The Writing component consists of a single writing task. The response is word‐processor mediated, and test takers are expected to write 200‐250 words. The prompt is given in English and Arabic. The task is assessed by at least two professional markers using a holistic banding scale (see Writing Scale in Appendix 3), and the test-taker is awarded a band on the CEFR scale between A1 and C2. The Writing is included in the Overall score.


The EmSAT English Achieve test is divided into multiple sections. Each section is timed individually. When test-takers have used all the allotted time for a section, their responses are saved and they are moved automatically to the next section. The total time allotted for the test is about 125 minutes, but candidates can finish as soon as they have answered all questions in all sections.

Score Descriptors

Test Description: The EmSAT English Achieve assesses the extent to which a test taker is ready to study in an English‐medium college or university. It is a computer‐based exam and has six major sections – Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Construction, Cloze Reading, Extended Reading, and Writing. Test sections, questions, and options are randomized for most of the test. Sections and subsections of the test are timed by the computer. Test-takers can see how much time they have throughout the exam.

Test Duration: 125 minutes (approximately)
Questions: 110 questions, including one essay (250 words)
Content Areas: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing
Task Types: Multiple Choice, Fill-in the-Blanks, Drag and Drop, Essay, Reading, and Sentence Re-Ordering
EmSAT Achieve English
ScoreScore Descriptors
2000 Can easily understand almost everything heard or read. Can summarize spoken or written information. Can express him or herself spontaneously, fluently and precisely, even in complex situations. (CEFR Band C2)
1625 – 1975 Can understand a wide range of texts. Can express him or herself fluently and spontaneously without much difficulty. Can use language flexibly and produce clear, well‐structured, text on complex subjects. (CEFR Band C1)
1250 – 1600 Can understand the main ideas of complex text. Can interact with native speakers without strain. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint. (CEFR Band B2)
875 – 1225 Can understand main points of familiar subjects in work, school, and leisure. Can deal with most situations while travelling where English is spoken. Can produce simple connected text or describe experiences on familiar or personal topics. (CEFR Band B1)
500 – 850 Can understand sentences and common expressions on basic personal and family information, shopping, or routine. Can communicate regarding simple familiar or routine matters. Can describe simple aspects of environment and immediate needs. (CEFR Band A1)
300 – 475 Can understand and use everyday expressions and very basic phrases for immediate needs. Can introduce him or herself and give personal details (address, friends or possessions). Can interact if the other person talks slowly and clearly and is helpful. (CEFR Band A1)

Test-takers receive four scores in the Achieve English test:

  • EmSAT Overall Score: a combined score for Reading and Writing, between 300 and 2000.
  • Reading Score: a CEFR band is awarded for Reading, which includes questions in Grammar and Vocabulary as well as different types of reading texts. Question types can include multiple choice, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blanks, or sentence reordering.
  • Writing Score: a CEFR band is awarded for Writing, based on a 30-minute, 250-word typed essay on a single topic.
  • EmSAT Band: This is the overall CEFR level of the student between A1 and C2 combining the Writing and Reading bands.
IELTS Academic Track EmSAT


  • Free Placement Test at the very outset to assess the Current Level
  • Online and Offline Classes
  • Covers full EmSAT Syllabus ( Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing)
  • Daily Online Tests and weekly Mock Tests
  • Four Skills Learner’s Vocabulary
  • Digital Classrooms
  • Experienced and Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Affordable Fee
  • Morning and Evening Batches
  • Special Grammar Class