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Our Enjoy Easy English Course (General English) is a well-designed program by our experienced teachers to improve the language skills of our aspirants with a special focus on Grammar and Writing. It is a beautiful journey from Pre- beginner to Advanced level. We conduct a free placement test at the very outset to assess the language level of the students and in the wake of that, we advise the appropriate level of General English course for them.

The aim of Enjoy Easy English Course is to enable everyone to study English, the most useful language in the world, in a simple and systematic way.

This is the most effective method of teaching English Language, especially grammar & writing. The feedback from students who have successfully completed the course is our testimony.

The Enjoy Easy English Course guarantees 100% improvement for the students who are regular, sincere and hard working to learn this wonderful language.

Our Exclusive Curriculum

Pre-Beginner (Level 1)

  • Alphabets: Capital Letters and Small Letters
  • Phonics /Sight Words
  • Reading Simple Stories
  • Word Formation
  • Numbers and Number Names
  • Making Simple Sentences
  • Hand Writing Practice

Beginner. (Level 2)

  • Introduction to Parts of English Language
  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Adjective
  • Verb
  • Helping verb/ Auxiliary Verb
  • Adverb
  • Preposition
  • Conjunction
  • Articles
  • Interjection
  • Stages of Language Learning
  • Use of Parts of English in Sentence
  • Building Sentence
  • Punctuation in English

Intermediate (Level 3)

  • Introduction to Tenses
  • Present Simple
  • Past Simple
  • Future Simple
  • Present Continuous
  • Past Continuous
  • Future Continuous
  • Present Perfect
  • Past Perfect
  • Future Perfect
  • Present Perfect Continuous
  • Past Perfect Continuous
  • Future Perfect Continuous

Upper-Intermediate (Level 4)

  • Introduction to Active and Passive Voice
  • Present Simple : Active and Passive Voice
  • Past Simple : Active and Passive Voice
  • Future Simple : Active and Passive Voice
  • Present Continuous : Active and Passive Voice
  • Past Continuous : Active and Passive Voice
  • Future Continuous : Active and Passive Voice
  • Present Perfect : Active and Passive Voice
  • Past Perfect : Active and Passive Voice
  • Future Perfect : Active and Passive Voice
  • Conditionals
  • Ready to Write 1. By Karen Blanchard and Christine Root

Advanced Level (Level 5)

  • Introduction to Reported Speech
  • Present Tense.
  • Past Tense
  • Modal auxiliary
  • Exceptions
  • Changes in Pronoun
  • Interrogative Sentences
  • Imperative Sentences
  • Exclamation and Wishes
  • Paragraphs and Academic Essay Writing
  • Ready to Write. 2. By Karen Blanchard and Christine Root

Level Descriptors

Pre Beginner IELTS BAND 0.0 – 2.0
FS- EEE (L 1)

The students do not know how to read and write properly. They do not know even the alphabets and basic grammatical structures of English Language. They get practice in reading and writing alphabets, small words, sentences and stories.

Beginner IELTS BAND 2.0 – 3.0
FS- EEE (L 2)

The students know the basics of English language. They can read small words and sentences without much difficulty. However, they are not able to write meaningful sentences. They learn the parts of English in this level and learn to write meaningful sentences using all the parts of English.

Intermediate IELTS BAND 3.0 – 4.0
FS EEE (L 3)

Students read and understand small stories and paragraphs. They can write sentences without mistakes. However, they do not know the correct usage of tenses, how to change them in to questions and negatives. They learn the 12 tenses, its structure and usages in detail in this stage.

Upper Intermediate IELTS BAND 4.0 – 6.0
FS EEE (L 4)

Students know all the tenses. The sentence structures are perfect now. They learn the Active and Passive Voice here and the transformation of sentences. A new book Ready to Write is introduced in this level. They learn basic rules of Paragraph Writing, Heading, Topic Sentence, Supporting Sentences and Conclusion. They write around 30 different types of paragraphs and get feedback in this session.

Advanced IELTS 6.5 above

Here the students learn the usage of Direct and Indirect speech. They complete all the important topics in English Grammar. They are now ready to write academic paragraphs and essays. They learn to use flowery language and improvised sentences. They use compound and complex sentences in paragraphs. They use linking words and connectors between the paragraphs and sentences. Ready to Write book 2 is introduced here. They write many academic essays and get feedback from instructors.

Our Highlights

  • Enjoy Easy English books 1, 2, 3 and 4...A series of books authored and published by Four Skills Training Institute.
  • Free Placement Test at the very outset to assess the Current Level
  • Individual and Group Classes
  • Four Skills Learner’s Vocabulary
  • Worksheets and Level Test
  • Digital Classrooms
  • Experienced and Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Affordable Fee
  • Morning and Evening Batches
  • Course Completion Certificate