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PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic) Academic stands as a pivotal assessment tool for individuals aspiring to study, work, or migrate to English-speaking countries. It evaluates candidates' language abilities across speaking, writing, reading, and listening domains, offering a comprehensive measure of their English proficiency. Being a computer-based test, PTE Academic ensures consistency and impartiality in scoring, providing prompt results to test-takers worldwide. Its popularity stems from its convenience, accuracy, and global recognition, making it an indispensable asset for those navigating international education, immigration, or career pathways.

Our Exclusive Curriculum

Part 1: Speaking and Writing

  • Regular Practice for Personal Introduction
  • Strategies to Read aloud
  • How to Repeat the sentence
  • Understanding how to describe an image
  • Taking part in a Re-tellinglecture
  • How to answer short question
  • Ways to summarize written text
  • Strategies to write an Essay

Part 2: Reading

  • Identifying keywords
  • Locating answers without having to read the text
  • Skimming and scanning strategies
  • Reading questions and identifying paragraph structures
  • Rearranging paragraphs
  • Locating synonyms and pertinent information

Part 3: Listening

  • Practice in Prediction, Paraphrasing and Different accents
  • Analyze and Understand Different Types of Questions
  • Summarize the spoken text
  • Ways to highlight correct summary
  • Pointing out and identifying the missing words
  • Highlight the incorrect the words
  • Simultaneous Listening and Writing

Exam Modules

Part 1 – PTE Speaking & Writing (54 - 67 minutes)

Personal Introduction (not scored) - Allows you to become acquainted with PTE exam technology

Read Aloud – Text appears for

Repeat Sentence – After listening to the recording of the sentence, repeat the sentence

Describe Image – An image appears on the screen. Describe the image in detail

Re-tell Lecture – After listening to the lecture, re-tell the lecture in your own words

Answer Short Question – After listening, answer with a single word or a few words

Summarize Written Text (10 minutes) – After reading the passage, write one sentence summary

Essay (20 minutes) – 200-300 Words Essay on a given topic

Part 2 - PTE Reading (29-30 minutes)

Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer – Text appears on the screen, drag words from the box to fill the gaps.

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers - After reading, answer MCQ by selecting one or more responses.

Re-order Paragraphs – Put the text boxes in an order

Fill in the Blanks - Text appears on the screen, and drag words from the box to fill the gaps.

Fill in the Blanks - After reading, answer MCQ

PTE Listening (30- 43 minutes)

Summarize Spoken Text – After listening to a recording, write 50-70 words summary

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers – After listening, answer MCQ based on the content discussed

Fill in the Blanks–After listening to a recording, type the missing words given in the passage.

Highlight Correct Summary – Select the paragraph that best summarizes the recording

Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer - Select the paragraph that best summarizes the recording

Select Missing Word – Select the missing word that completes the recording from the list of options

Highlight Incorrect Words – Identify the incorrect words in the transcript that differ from what is said.

Write From Dictation – After listening, type the sentence.


  • 90 - 100: Expert User - Demonstrates complete command of the English language with exceptional fluency and accuracy. Consistently communicates complex ideas effectively.
  • 83 - 89: Very Good User - Exhibits advanced proficiency in English with occasional minor errors that do not impede communication. Can handle complex language tasks with ease.
  • 79 - 82: Good User - Shows a strong command of English with occasional errors. Can effectively handle a wide range of language tasks, including complex ones.
  • 65 - 78: Competent User - Demonstrates moderate proficiency in English with some errors. Can handle basic to moderately complex language tasks but may struggle with more advanced ones.
  • 51 - 64: Modest User - Displays limited proficiency in English with frequent errors. Can understand and communicate basic ideas but may struggle with more complex tasks.
  • 43 - 50: Limited User - Exhibits basic competence in English but struggles with understanding and expression. Communication is often hindered by errors and limitations in language use.
  • 35 - 42: Extremely Limited User - Conveys and understands only general meaning in familiar situations. Communication breakdowns are frequent, and comprehension is limited.
  • 10 - 34: Intermittent User - Minimal ability to communicate in English, relying mainly on isolated words or short phrases. Understanding and expression are severely limited.
  • 0 - 9: Non-User - Essentially no ability to use the English language beyond a few isolated words or complete inability to communicate.

Our Highlights

  • Begin with a complimentary placement test to assess your current English level.
  • Learn from highly qualified and experienced trainers.
  • Attend orientation sessions providing valuable tips and strategies.
  • Access free practice materials.
  • Participate in weekly mock tests.
  • Receive individual speaking sessions and writing corrections.
  • Utilize the latest materials from Pearson VUE.
  • Benefit from small class sizes with individual attention.
  • Choose from weekday and weekend classes.
  • Receive specialized training in English grammar.